Plus size Body Types Guide and Selecting the Ideal Plus Size Swimsuit

Plus size Body Types Guide and Selecting the Ideal Plus Size Swimsuit

In the vast universe of fashion, understanding your body type is a key component to making decisions that empower you to feel your best. This guide, brought to life by the combined expertise of top fashionistas and designers, will lead you through recognizing your body type, focusing on plus sizes, and selecting the perfect swimsuit that flatters your shape.

Understanding your plus size body type

Understanding Your Body Type

Body shapes can typically be distilled into five categories:

 pear, apple, hourglass, rectangle, and oval. 

These categories are fluid, serving as guideposts rather than rigid rules. The aim is help us define (and celebrate) the diversity of body types.

While more skinny body types suffers from the different than perfect body types, plus size women have an advantage here, plus size body types looks feminine in all the body types!

Pear shape usually signifies smaller bust and waist measurements relative to the hips. 

Apple shape is characterized by a less defined waist, and the shoulders or bust may be broader than the hips.

Hourglass shape indicates similar measurements for bust and hips, with a considerably smaller waist in between.

Rectangle shape means that the waist, bust, and hip measurements are roughly equal.

Oval shape usually has narrow hips and shoulders compared to a more generous midsection.

Full size modelwith body type in pear shape , wearing long dress colors pastels

Understanding your plus size body type

Selecting the Ideal plus size Swimsuit for Your Body Type

1. *Pear Shape*: High-waisted bottoms are your best ally, enhancing your waistline and providing appealing coverage for your hips. Balance the lower half with a bright or detailed top that draws the eye upward. Also, consider an A-line skirt for a balanced silhouette.

2. *Apple Shape*: Aim for swimsuits that create a semblance of a smaller waist. Peplum styles or a tankini that flares slightly at the hips can bring balance to your silhouette. Don't shy away from high-waisted bikinis that offer a defined waist.

3. *Hourglass Shape*: The key here is to preserve your natural symmetry. A two-piece with a bralette top and high-cut bottom can display your waist, and a belted swimsuit can emphasize your balanced proportions.

4. *Rectangle Shape*: The goal is to create the illusion of curves. Opt for swimsuits with elements such as ruffles, padding, or bold prints that add volume to the bust and hips. Monokinis or cut-out swimsuits can also help establish the illusion of curves.

5. *Oval Shape*: You want to elongate your figure and give an illusion of a more defined waist. Vertical stripes, high-cut legs, and deep v-necks can help achieve this. You could also consider color blocking to create an illusion of a more defined waistline.

A plus size model with an apple shape body type wearing pastel long dress

Forcasting styles and trends for plus size fashion

Style and Trends

When considering color, prints, and the latest trends, remember that darker shades can help areas recede, while lighter tones or prints can highlight areas you want to emphasize.
For 2023, we're seeing the resurgence of retro styles. High-waisted bottoms and one-piece suits are ruling the roost, providing flattering fits for all body types. Bold, tropical prints are also on-trend, creating an appealing visual balance. One-shoulder swimsuits are also popular, giving your beach look a chic, stylish edge.

Plus size model wearing pastels drapery dress
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